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"A society grows great
when people plant trees
under which they will never sit"

Three ways you can give (and make a difference!)

1. Donate to the Operating or General Endowment Funds

The Operating and General Endowment Funds are truly the foundation-of-our-Foundation and they secure the organization and its award program.

2. Create a new endowment fund

Launching a new fund allows you to establish your unique focus for supporting artists and can be named for an individual or an organization.

A new fund requires a minimum initial donation. You can start the new legacy fund when you’re ready, and also continue to build it with additional donations in the future.

3. Donate to any of our 6 endowment funds

Your gift to one or more of our “named” funds is a permanent legacy, growing the fund and allowing it to more powerfully support the work of Saskatchewan art and artists. See the funds and who they’re named for.

Each named fund has its own specific arts focus. Your gift here has the greatest immediate impact, building an important legacy.

Funds are invested and earnings are awarded to Saskatchewan artists. Gifts of any size are welcome.


Gifts you can donate to an endowment fund

A gift of money is only one way to support an endowment fund for artists.

Other donations could be: securities, life insurance policies, residual interest, and life assets such as an RSP or RRIF.

The right time and place for your gift

Gifts can be donated now, or later, or in partial amounts over your preferred timeline.

You can make a bequest in a will – another effective way to create a personal legacy that supports Saskatchewan artists. You can make arrangements with the endowment fund in advance, so that your plans are securely in place.

Open the door for others to give

Others may be able to support the artists and the endowment funds you support.

Are there special events that people you know will recognize with gifts? Are there important, memorable and moving occasions, such as a death, that will be honoured by donations to important causes?

You can welcome people to make their honourary gifts as donations to the endowment fund that you support, increasing the value of your legacy. 

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