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Our hearts are filled with sadness at the passing of Richard Spafford a lifelong supporter of the Arts.


His energy and passion launched the Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts and he leaves a legacy for the arts and artists of Saskatchewan.
His contributions enabled private individuals, businesses, and corporations to build permanent and stable resources for the arts.
Learn more about Richard’s role in the origin of the Foundation here.

Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts

The Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts (SFFA) is a public Foundation dedicated solely to creating a legacy of financial support for the arts and artists in Saskatchewan, through the generous financial support of individuals, organizations and corporations.

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The Foundation receives donations, bequests and other planned gifts from individuals and corporations and invests and manages them in perpetuity to generate income which is disbursed to activities in the arts.

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Kelly Jo Burke
2013 Award Recipient

Impact of SFA award on both The Lucky Ones and The Curst  

In both cases, this award was a huge part of both projects making it to production. Dancing Sky Theatre, which is the only theatre in Saskatchewan that features only new Saskatchewan work, is my home base, and I love premiering there. But DST cannot afford advances. Writing a play takes, on average two years, though in the case of The Curst it was three, because musicals just take longer. That is a long time to work on spec, but the experience of making work with DST is just so good, I am happy to do it every time.   

The financial support of my community means everything. It makes it financially viable to commit to a project, and it makes it emotionally viable to commit, because you go into the work feeling that the community has your back.  

 Both project which received SFA awards went onto full productions; it’s just the Curst when on hiatus because of the pandemic—but the sets were built! I hope to see it up when life returns to something like normal. 

I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to the Foundation and its funders.