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Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts

The Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts (SFFA) is a public Foundation dedicated solely to creating a legacy of financial support for the arts and artists in Saskatchewan, through the generous financial support of individuals, organizations and corporations.

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The Foundation receives donations, bequests and other planned gifts from individuals and corporations and invests and manages them in perpetuity to generate income which is disbursed to activities in the arts.

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2022 Artist
Words of Thanks

Guy Vanderhaeghe: The Glengarry Book Award Prize ‘August to Winter’

“I am enormously happy and pleased to receive the Glengarry Book Award for my novel, August Into Winter. I thank the Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts for their support of the arts in this province and wish to express my profound gratitude to Claire Kramer for her initiative and generosity in establishing and funding the Glengarry Book Award. As a writer who has passed virtually all of my seventy-one years in Saskatchewan, I am humbled and very honoured to receive an award that recognizes and celebrates “literary excellence from or influenced by living in our province.”

Joely BigEagle-Kequahtooway: The Dick & Jane Fund Award

“I am grateful to the Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts for this award which will provide much needed financial resources. It will allow me to take time to focus on writing and completing my script. I am truly grateful for the support and recognition of my artistic vision, dreams and goals and acknowledging the merit of my work. The opportunities that this will lead to are immense and having recognition within the community upon receipt of this award will be the beginning of something larger yet to unfold and look forward to.”

Stacey Fayant: The Shurniak Award

“I am incredibly grateful and honoured to be chosen as a recipient of a Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts Endowment Award. This award tells me that the path I am on in my creative endeavours is a good, important and meaningful path for myself, my community, and the larger arts community. Thank you to the jurors for taking the time to think about my project, thank you to SFFA staff for all the work you do and for the help and encouragement you offer and a big thank you to the Shurniak family for your commitment to funding artists and the arts. Your support both financially and through this award recognition drives me and my commitment to finding a means of reconciliation through my art practice.”

Kristine Alvarez: The Harry Nick Kangles Fund Award

“I am very grateful to be a recipient of a Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts Endowment Award. This support means I can fulfill what is needed to share ‘acknowledging’ as a theater production this spring 2023!”

Bonnie Conly: The Jane Turnbull Evans Fund Award

“I am very honoured to receive the Jane Turnbull Evans award for an emerging women artist. Thank you to the SFFA and all the donors for this recognition, allowing me the opportunity to be part of Jane’s great dream and legacy. This support will be instrumental in facilitating my creative work.”

Lorne Kequahtooway: The Cameco Endowment Fund Award

“I would like to thank my sponsors for this award. It is with great appreciation that I write this message of gratitude. When working with these natural materials, it means we are not disrupting the land and nature. In Indigenous spirituality we believe that you take care of the land, and the land will take care of you.

In the creation of the head roaches, as an art form, artists share their spirit. The end use of dancing wearing the head roach is spiritual. This allows us to honor our natural laws, as well as the spirit of the animal by using its hair in the creation of the head roach.”

Tara Gereaux: The Colleen Bailey Memorial Fund Award

“I am honoured to be this year’s recipient of the Colleen Bailey Memorial Award. Writing a novel is long, lonely work and this recognition is a boost of encouragement to keep going – that the Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts believes in my project and my writing means the world to me. Deepest thanks to all the donors and the volunteers who so generously support the writers and artists in our province.”