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Congratulations to all 2021 award recipients.

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Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts

The Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts (SFFA) is a public Foundation dedicated solely to creating a legacy of financial support for the arts and artists in Saskatchewan, through the generous financial support of individuals, organizations and corporations.

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The Foundation receives donations, bequests and other planned gifts from individuals and corporations and invests and manages them in perpetuity to generate income which is disbursed to activities in the arts.

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Apply now for the new Glengarry Book Award or the Endowment Funds Awards.

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The 2021 Recipient of The Glengarry Book Award. 



The 2021 Recipients of The SFFA Endowment Awards. 


Artist Thank Yous...

Endowment Award Recipients

“Being a newcomer artist and member of the BIPOC community, the award will allow me to continue my art career (that I started in the Philippines) and made me feel included and valued in the Saskatchewan Art Community.” ~ Patrick Fernandez

“This award is both encouraging and humbling. I’m grateful to be recognized for my efforts.” ~ Jeff Nachtigall

“It is encouraging to know the SFFA believes in this project and in me. Thank you to each of the donors and volunteers who have made all of these awards possible. You are helping to make Saskatchewan a place where the arts can thrive.” ~ Nathan Coppens

“Immense gratitude to the donors and supporters of the
Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts Awards – you make doing the work easier – thank you.” ~ Melanie Rose

“I am very grateful to the SFFA for including my name on their recipients’ list, a list that I admire and highly respect.” ~ Ayesha Mohsin

“I am so filled with gratitude for the work of the Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts and the legacy of Jane Turnbull Evans.” ~ Zoë Schneider

“I wish to thank the Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts and its donors for their financial support, and for the opportunity to showcase my artworks.” ~ JingLu Zhao