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Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts​

The Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts (SFFA) is a public Foundation dedicated solely to creating a legacy of financial support for the arts and artists in Saskatchewan, through the generous financial support of individuals, organizations and corporations.

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The Foundation receives donations, bequests and other planned gifts from individuals and corporations and invests and manages them in perpetuity to generate income which is disbursed to activities in the arts.

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2023 Artist
Words of Thanks

Sharon Butala: The Glengarry Book Award Prize ‘Leaving Wisdom’

“As a non-resident of Saskatchewan, I was taken completely by surprise when I received the news that I was 2023’s recipient, the first non-resident winner. It took until the next morning before the full weight of this most generous award actually sank in. I am deeply honoured, I’m thrilled, and I’m enormously grateful to our wonderful donor, Claire Kramer, and to the Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts’ trustees as administrator(s) of the award. I had almost decided not to write anymore but I’ve been so excited and inspired by the Glengarry Award that, reinvigorated, I’ll head back to my desk.

In establishing this most important literary prize Claire Kramer has not only assisted individual writers, but is actively spreading the word across Canada of Saskatchewan writers’ major contribution to the revelation of the many facets, ideas and places of our country, to making more widely known Saskatchewan’s rich literary culture, and especially, the talent of our writers. We all owe her an enormous debt of gratitude for her generosity, her belief in us, and her foresight. We also owe many thanks to the trustees of the Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts who administer this extrordinary award and who do so much to celebrate its recipients. Brava! Claire Kramer and my unending gratitude.”

Elaine McArthur: Indigenous Literary Award – Dick & Jane Fund

“I am truly honoured and grateful to be chosen to be this year’s recipient. As a writer and artist, this will help me to spend more time completing this graphic novel. It has been in the works for 2 years, writing, editing and struggling to find the financial means to complete it.”

Annie Brass: Indigenous Traditional Craft Award – Dick & Jane Fund

“As an artist and entrepreneur, it is difficult to find enough money to acquire all the materials for this Regalia. The funding from this award will make a vast difference in how we can accomplish this goal. I want to thank the Saskatchewan Arts Foundation for their generous support and dedication to Artistic Excellence. This is the first and only grant I have ever received in the 40 years of being an artist! I am grateful to be selected as this year’s recipient of the Indigenous Traditional Crafts Award. I look forward to working with my son to create his Regalia and pass on my cultural knowledge and experience!”

Geanna Dunbar: Indigenous/Multimedia Language Award – Dick & Jane Fund

“As an Indigenous artist, receiving this award gives me hope for the future of other artists like me, that come from similar backgrounds. It’s a gift to be able to put your work out there for others to experience, to share knowledge, art and stories from history, family and communities. Thank you to all SFFA staff for your hard work and every funder that commits to uplifting the arts.”

S.E. Grummett: Multidisciplinary 2SLGBTQ+ Artist/Art Award – Dick & Jane Fund

“Thank you for supporting Saskatchewan artists, particularly queer and trans voices. It’s a very scary time to be trans in this province. I hope that together, we can create meaningful change, to make our stages, rehearsal halls and cities a welcome place for queer voices, aesthetics and stories!”

Gabriela García-Luna: Female Entrepreneur Award – Dick & Jane Fund.

“I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts and its generous donors for affirming the value and importance of their creative pursuits. Your role in helping to create a culture of sharing and celebration of the arts is invaluable. By supporting artists to better expand their practices and the audiences of their work, the donors and the Foundation offer an extremely important contribution to the development of artists and of our community for a more vibrant tapestry of our cultural landscape.”

Karlie King: Prairie Folk Art Award – Dick & Jane Fund

“My sincere and whole-hearted thank you goes out to the Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts and its donors. The more I evolve and mature as an artist, the more I realize how utterly altruistic it is of donors and foundations such as the SFFA to give the resources they do to artists for the overall development and evolution of arts in our community. It is very generous of all of you to give the way you do. Thank you so much.”

Landon Walliser: Regina Artist Award – Harry Nick Kangles Fund

“I would like to thank The Harry Nick Kangles Fund for their generous financial support, and the Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts for making these awards possible. While Saskatchewan may be known for the oldest public arts fund in North America, these endowments represent a lasting legacy of private individuals, businesses, and corporations supporting the development of the arts in their own communities. To be selected as a recipient of this award is to become another link in a long line of artists and patrons working together to enliven and enlighten the land of living skies.”

Négar Devine-Tajgarden: Visual Award for Female Artist – Jane Turnbull Evans Fund

“I’m so honoured to have been selected by the jury and I would like to say a big thank you to all the donors. Because of your generosity, the Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts can support artists and writers in Saskatchewan.”

Audie Murray: Visual Award – Shurniak Fund

“I want to express my gratitude to the donors and Foundation for their generous support and for selecting me as a recipient of the Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts Endowment Award. Your investment in the arts has had a profound impact on my artistic journey, particularly in bringing to life my project exploring Indigenous perspectives through glass bead cake sculptures. Your belief in the transformative power of the arts has not only provided essential financial support but has also validated and amplified the artistic vision of many. I am deeply appreciative of the opportunity to further my creative exploration and contribute to meaningful conversations within the artistic community.”

Iryn Tushabe: Literary Award – Colleen Bailey Memorial Fund

“Thank you for this immense recognition and the opportunity for me to continue, in my fiction, to embody (and not disembody) minority presences moving forward in the world.”