Awards Checklist Form

Enclose a description of your artistic practice and work, addressing topics such as:
• The nature of your art (genre, form, medium, themes)
• Your goals and vision for your work
• The development of your artistic practice
• The effect and difference the Award will make to your career path
PROJECT DESCRIPTION (maximum 3 pages)
Describe your proposed project, addressing topics such as
• How this project fits into your body of work and reflects your artistic vision/artist statement
• What you hope to accomplish—your project’s current state of development, and the work and progress you anticipate over the duration of the project
• What you hope to do with the project after completion (your plans to exhibit, produce, perform, publish or present the work).
SPENDING SUMMARY(maximum 1 page)
Enclose a brief summary of how the $5,000 award will be spent: e,g. supplies, equipment, studio rental, technology., sustenance, etc.
SUPPORT MATERIAL (see below for technical requirements)
Support material helps jurors assess your project against the adjudication criteria. The work samples and support material should be readable, relevant to your proposed project and as recent as possible.
Enclose the following information/material to support the application:
1. Resumé (maximum 2 pages – include website URLs if available).
2. Samples of Recent Work
Excerpts from recent work
Dance and Theatre
Include 1 video file (maximum 5 minutes) recorded within the last three years. Excerpts should:
• Feature your own work and artistic practice
• Reflect the genre or art form in which you propose to work.
Include 10 minutes maximum recorded within the last three years. Excerpts should:
• Feature your own work and artistic practice
• Reflect the genre or art form in which you propose to work.
Include 1 PDF sample of the work-in-progress (maximum 10 pages, double spaced)
and 1 excerpt from previously published work (maximum 5 pages, double spaced).

Visual Arts
• For Digital Media:
o Digital images (maximum 20 files)
o Video(s) files (maximum 5 minutes each which does not exceed 1 GB).
• For Video, Film or Audio Documentation (maximum 10 minutes)
o Documentation of installation performance and similar work Do not submit news media documentation related to public relations (ie. print media or television interviews).
• For Exhibition Catalogues and Critical Reviews (maximum 3):
o Photocopies of essays or reviews (maximum 3). DO NOT submit newspaper or magazine exhibition listings.
3. Letters of Appraisal
Emerging Professional Artists must submitneed 2two Letters of Appraisal to assist the jury with its adjudication. Appraisal forms are available for download on the Foundation’s website.
• Include the names and telephone numbers of the individuals providing Letters of Appraisal
• Appraisers should be established artists or arts professionals familiar with your body of work and be qualified to assess the significance and artistic merit of your work-in-progress, and must not be in any way directly involved with your project.
4. To maintain confidentiality, Letters of Appraisal should be e-mailed directly to the SSFA by your Appraisers, not included in your application.
5. Letter of Confirmation for Eligible Student Applicants
Submit a letter from your Department Head confirming that the proposed work will not be submitted for academic credit.
6. Other Support Material: please include a list of submitted materials
• You may include up to 3 pages of additional material to support your application, such as reviews, letters of support, etc.
Submit photocopies of reviews on 8.5 x 11 white paper (single-sided). Include the source and date of publication.