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Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts

The Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts (SFFA) is a public Foundation dedicated solely to creating a legacy of financial support for the arts and artists in Saskatchewan, through the generous financial support of individuals, organizations and corporations.

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The Foundation receives donations, bequests and other planned gifts from individuals and corporations and invests and manages them in perpetuity to generate income which is disbursed to activities in the arts.

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In 2013 when Kimball was awarded support from The Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts, he was struggling to re-establish his art career in a northern Saskatchewan village after relocating from Newfoundland. He proposed to create new work using earth materials from specific locations to form a narrative between the art and the land from which he draws his resources and inspiration. That work eventually was shown in a solo exhibition and continues to inform his art today.

In 2018, Kimball created Silt Studio, a social enterprise in Regina that celebrates ceramic excellence and invests in the creative practice of artists working in a variety of mediums.

Jay Kimball

2013 Award Recipient