Enduring Support for the Arts


When you make a gift to the Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts you can be assured there will be enduring support for the arts. That’s because your principal will never be spent. Your gift will be held in trust in perpetuity, and only the investment income will be used to provide awards for the arts and artists in communities throughout the province.

All donations to the Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts are pooled, which means investment income is higher and administration costs are kept low.

The Foundation accepts donations of cash, and in-kind contributions (e.g. property, artwork, stocks). Gifts of any size are welcome and tax deductible receipts will be issued.

There are four ways you can give:

Named Fund (minimum of $5,000)

Named Funds are named by the Donor. For example, Joe Smith could donate $5,000 and name this fund the Mary Smith Memorial Fund. Named Funds are not designated to a specific arts activity. The investment income from these funds will be added to the Undesignated Fund.

Designated Fund (minimum of $10,000)

In a Designated Fund, donors have the ability to establish how their investment income will be spent. For example, donors can request that support be made to a specific art form, a particular geographic area, an award in the arts, or a scholarship for artists.

Undesignated Fund (any amount)

When donors give to the Undesignated Fund, the investment earnings on their donations will be used for any arts activity. An undesignated gift provides the greatest flexibility in meeting the needs of the arts community.

Operating Fund (any amount)

One of the key principles of the Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts is to keep administrative costs to a minimum. There is a need for administrative support to bring juries together, hold board meetings to set policy and make investment decisions, and for minor administrative expenses. The Operating Fund holds your gift in perpetuity. As with the other Funds, only the investment income is allocated to operating activities.

For more information on your options for giving, please contact the Foundation office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .