Enduring Support for the Arts

2013 Awards

Awards from the Foundation were first made in 2007. Awards have been made in years when funds have been available from the growing endowment, or when funds have been donated for specific annual competitions.

Awards were made possible in 2013 through the augmentation of the endowment income by a generous donation. All the awards were made in the spirit of the endowed funds. Awards of $2500 were made to each of the following recipients.

The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the support of the Saskatchewan Arts Board for the juried process.

KELLY JO BURKE – Theatre (Regina)
Kelly Jo Burke is an established artist, and a senior member of the arts community who has been produced and broadcast all over the world. Her play Somewhere, Sask. has just completed a nearly sold-out run at Dancing Sky this spring, and will be toured by Dancing Sky in the fall of 2014. The theatre has asked for another play from her soon, which is a huge vote of confidence.

She has begun work on a new play for Dancing Sky Theatre, scheduled for production in 2015, about staying in love in middle age. The Lucky Ones will be a two act two hander play about the defiant act of remaining in love in the face of instability. It is a kind of ghost story of mature love, or what struggles to be mature.

The funding from the Foundation will be put together with funds applied from elsewhere to support the development of the play.

ROSEMARIE FROESE – Visual Arts (Saskatoon)
Romie Froese is an emerging artist, a painter from Saskatchewan. After completing high school in Saskatoon she studied at NSCAD University in Halifax where she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She won a number of awards during her years as a student. She has participated in group exhibitions and has had solo exhibitions in Halifax and in Saskatoon; her work is available in galleries in both cities.

Her paintings include both studies of patterns on the one hand, and portraits on the other. The work supported by the award will result in a series of portraits of athletes, focused on extreme obsessions and what constitutes success for the athletes represented. The intention is to show the collection in an appropriate venue.

JAY KIMBALL – Ceramics (Mervin)
Jay Kimball graduated from the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He is an award-winning ceramic artist whose work explores a fascination with the interplay of surface, form and colour. His work usually begins on a potter’s wheel but then is transformed texturally and via surface applications before being fired in a straightforward manner that contrasts with the complexity of the preceding stages.

The project supported by the Foundation will use soil collected from sacred sites in Saskatchewan, in partnership with the Saskatchewan Archeological Society. These soil samples will be fashioned in the studio into forms that represent the geomorphology and erosion of the original sites, as well as the artist’s own direct experience with the sites.

ROWAN PANTEL – Visual Arts (Regina)
Rowan Pantel works with a variety of media: printmaking, drawing, photography, installation, painting, puppetry, and filmmaking. She uses all of these to explore childhood perspectives – her own and those of others, in particular, family members. The goal of this approach is to have those who see the art be stimulated to consider their own childhood experiences.

She has studied at the University of Saskatchewan (Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking) and the University of Regina (Master of Fine Arts in intermedia). She participates in the broader artistic community in a variety of ways with a variety of organizations.

The project supported by the Foundation involves producing a series of prints. This series will build on existing work (transparent overlays of landscapes and drawn figures) but at a scale that is more easily accommodated in exhibition spaces.


2013 Award Recipients

Awards were made possible in 2010 through the generous and dedicated donations of two individuals. Although these awards were not tied to the Foundation’s existing endowment funds, the awards were made in the spirit of those endowed funds.

In 2013, the following individuals received awards of $2500 each.

Kelley Jo Burke

Rosemarie Froese

Jay Kimball

Rowan Pantel

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